Different Types of Dog Beds: Part 1


The best dog bed for your pet is when it matches his personality, temperament, physical needs, and preference. It should suit to his lifestyle, age, and size. Just like the dogs’ variety sizes and breeds, there are also different types of dog beds to choose from.


Here is a run-down of dog beds you can choose from:


  1. Standard Dog Beds / Mats and Pads: The standard dog beds are regular dog beds that look like pillows or cushions that do not have rims or edges. They come in different sizes, shapes, materials, colors, and designs. They can be rectangular, square, round, or oval in shape. They may be made from and covered with different materials, such as polyfil, fleece, or faux suede. They may also differ in quality, ranging from basic economy to high-class designer versions.  Standard dog beds are also great for almost all kinds of dogs, except for some dogs and senior dogs who may need extra support for their orthopedic problems.
  2. Nest Dog Beds: The nest dog beds are similar to standard dog beds, except that these have raised edges around. The rims on nest dog beds surround the entire or a portion of the dog bed. The feature of having raised edges make it ideal for dogs to lean on the rims or curl up on the nest dog bed. These dog beds work well for almost all kinds of dogs who like to curl up or lean and rest their heads on a raised edge. A lot of dogs find nest dog beds very comfortable! Because of the security it gives when the dog sinks deep into an edged nest dog bed, these nest dog beds easily become a favorite for dog snugglers.
  3. Donut Dog Beds: Much like nest dog beds, donut beds have edges or rims around the beds. These edges serve as pillow-soft bolsters that also lets dogs curl up, get cozy, and sink in. They are typically round and made of very soft and comfy materials.
  4. Orthopedic Dog Beds: The Orthopedic dog beds are designed to enhance comfort and support ailing or aged joins of senior dogs and dogs who have orthopedic problems. They typically have a firm memory foam or high quality thick foam base, which gives optimum support to joints and provides more ease and comfort for sleeping. These dog beds can also be perfect for any other dog aside from senior ones. Although Orthopedic dog beds may be a little bit more expensive than other dog beds, it is worth it to invest in these, to not just provide maximum comfort for your dogs, but also help in their health.
  5. Travel Dog Beds: Travel dog beds are similar to standard dog beds, but what makes them special is their feature of being extra handy. They can be fold or rolled up, to save space and to be handy for travelling. If you enjoy travelling with your dog best friend, travel dog beds woud be the perfect choice!


In choosing the best dog beds for your pet, again, always keep in mind: personality, temperament, physical needs (age and size), lifestyle, and preference.


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